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This lesson is dedicated to the subject of casino slots. I’m glad you could join me today. I’m George the Slots-Guru, and I’m here to share my vast knowledge on this subject with you. Consider yourself lucky that you found yourself here because it’s not every day that you get a free lesson about casino slots and how you can start off on the path to gambling enjoyment. The word Guru means “teacher”, and that’s why I’m here. My goal in life is to spread information to all who will listen. So relax and enjoy this session with old George.

You may have already read this on my home page, but if not, I’ll go over it in a bit more detail here. Slot machines were invented in San Francisco, back in 1887 by Charles Fey. Almost right away, they became a hit at the local gambling houses, and the days of casino slots were born. He was a smart guy, and rented the machines for 50% of the take per machine, so the more someone pumped into those early casino slots, the more he made. The first machines used traditional playing-card symbols along with a horseshoe, a bell and a star. It wasn’t long though, before someone (reputedly) stole one of Fey’s machines and copied it, improving up on it in a couple of ways. Some more symbols were added and some were changed. This is where the casino slots of today got the bars and fruits we are so used to seeing. It was also made to be much more portable by making the casing out of wood instead of the original cast-iron.

These days, you can play casino slots online as well as in a land-based casino. There’s really not that much difference between the ways the two work. Online you’ll get all the familiar sounds, only they’ll be coming at you out of your speakers not from around you. When you play casino slots, there is definitely a higher level of enjoyment because you can share the excitement of winning with those around you. That is if they’re not too jealous of your big jackpot. Also, there’s the feel of actually pulling on that big lever at the casino slots that just can’t be matched by clicking your mouse at your home computer.

So the Guru’s advice to you is to get out there, and try some real casino slots. Feel free to practice here if you like on my free slots game, but you have to get out there to a real casino to find out what it’s all about. Have fun!


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