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Hi there! And welcome to the Guru’s page on slot machine tips. I’ve had my share of ups and downs at the slot machines, and I’m hoping that I can help you to avoid the pitfalls of the casinos buy offering you my personal slot machine tips. I’m glad you trust me enough to listen; so take some notes and keep track of them for later.

Now as you know, I’m a firm believer in the rule that managing your bankroll equals gambling success, right? Therefore, my first slot machine tips are related to this rule. First, and most important: never play a slot machine that’s located in a room smaller than the first floor of an average house. If you stick to this, you’ll never find yourself feeding a slot machine in a fast food place, a local bar or a gas station. These types of locations are well known for having the tightest slots around, and I’ve seen people sitting for hours, and continually getting more and more change to pump into these machines with no success, just misery. To read about “loose” and “tight” slots, go to my slot machine strategy page.

Another thing to remember as far as slot machine tips goes is to be sure to play the slots that have a comfortable minimum betting limit. There’s a range of machines out there, so don’t sit down to play if you’re feeling intimidated by the limit. Once you’ve found the machines you want to “feed”, another of my slot machine tips is to just keep your playing to a certain time limit. Set yourself an amount of time to play, and when that’s done, walk away for a while. The only way you’ll end up on top is by the strict use of self-discipline. Also, another of my slot machine tips I like to follow is to test out the machine before you make your final decision to stay for a while. For this, you can use the “pull test”. That means that you pick a reasonable number of pulls, after which you will get a feel as to whether the machine is being good to you. Let’s say you use the figure of 10 pulls for the test. After 10, if you’re making a bit of a profit, you should probably stay with this one. If not, definitely move on.

I hope you’re making good use of my slot machine tips, because this is information that’s coming right from the Guru himself. Now, if you intend to try and win at the slot machines, don’t expect it to happen in an instant, like the stories you hear of the huge jackpots after 5 minutes of play. That’s just not the way it usually happens. Another one of my good slot machine tips is to settle in, and prepare to spend some time. The length of time is not a hard and fast rule, but my recommendation is to base it on about 200 coins/pulls. So if you’re playing a $1 slot, you’ll need about $200 in your bankroll. If this is too rich for your blood, move down to the 25¢ slots. That means that you are only looking at $50 as your bankroll for the session. Now, when it comes slot machine tips, if you use this one, make sure you have the entire amount of coin with you, because if you have to get up to get more, you might just be leaving a “hot” machine to someone else.

Well, my work here is done. I’ve shared my knowledge with you here on this page, just like I said I would. You know the Guru’s a man of his word, so I hope you make good use of this information on the road to gambling enjoyment. Please feel free to browse around a bit more, and get all you can from my various pages. That’s what the Guru’s here for.


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