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Hello to all the followers of the Slots-Guru! I’m here today to share my knowledge on slot machine secrets. There are a few of them, and I’ll try to give you the quick run-down on them here on this page. You know the Guru won’t steer you wrong, so sit back and clear your mind. It’s time for today’s lesson.

Most people really think of slot machines as one big mystery, but there’s not that much too them. There are a few slot machine secrets to remember, and that’s about it. All you have to do is pull the lever or push the button. The rest is up to that particular machine on that particular day. So don’t worry about a thing, that’s why I wrote this page; to tell you the Guru’s slot machine secrets to let you have the most fun at the casinos.

First of all, as far as slot machine secrets go, it’s my advice to pay close attention to what each machine can offer you. Not all slot machines give equal payouts. Don’t get distracted by the flashing lights and promises of the best jackpots, make sure you check out the payout table on the slot. You want to go for the one that’s best for you, take it from the Guru.

Another one of the slot machine secrets that isn’t too well known is that there are “loose” and “tight” slots. Not too many people believe that they really exist, but I’m telling you that it’s true. Casinos use loose slots to attract more patrons to pump money into the casino’s bottomless pockets. Usually, you’ll find them in higher traffic areas like near the change booths, next to the coffee shops, and near slot aisle intersections (sometimes called “crosswalks”). It’s simple; if more people see someone winning at a slot machine, they’ll want to join in the excitement. Now the other one of the slot machine secrets that I mentioned is the tight slots. These are just the opposite of the loose ones. They have a higher house edge to make up for the lower edge on the loose slots. They’re not as easy to find as the loose ones; being placed in less busy areas, where it’s generally quieter.

So when it comes to slot machine secrets, it follows that you should pay attention to where the machine is located. This could be a good indicator of whether it’s a loose or a tight slot machine.

The last of the slot machine secrets isn’t really all that hard to figure out, since the slots are built to payout on a random basis. Pure Luck is the name of the game with slots. It doesn’t matter how you pull the lever, or how you push the button, or how many times; each and every “pull” has the same chance of winning. Just like flipping a coin, your chances of a head or a tail don’t change with the number of tosses. Now to you that might not fit in with slot machine secrets, but you’d be amazed at how many people think they can beat the machines over time. I’m telling you it’s just not possible.

That’s it for the Guru; for this lesson at least. I hope you’ll hang around a bit and take advantage of all the knowledge I’m making available to you on my site. There are lots of pages for you to read up on, and there’s a resources page at the end, so you can continue to expand your knowledge base on the interesting topic of slot machines. Have a good time!


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