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How To Win At Slots

Well, Iím glad you decided to show up for todayís lesson from the Guru! You know my name is George, and I like to be thought of as your Teacher or Guide on the path to Gambling Enjoyment. That is what the word Guru means after all. Today, Iím going to let you in on some of my insight about how to win at slots. There are some interesting aspects to this lesson, so listen up, and make sure you take good notes!

One of the first things about how to win at slots is to get some practice in. Of course, I have provided a free slots game for you to take advantage of in your pursuit. I hope you donít spend too long playing the free game because I still have lots to tell you about how to win at slots. I bet youíve heard stories about some of the lucky ones who have won big at the slots. Well, they didnít really have any secrets about how to win at slots, but they did have patience. Thatís the main thing to remember.

I also donít want to give you the impression that I have a secret that will tell you how to win at slots, because I donít. Really, nobody does. You will find loads of sites on the Ďnet that tell you they have a system; and you can have itÖ for a price! If you play the slots enough, there is only one system that can teach you how to win at slots. That is to stick with it. The machines arenít set up to hit the jackpot when you pull the lever in a certain way, or bet a certain amount and then push a certain series of buttons. No, itís just pure luck. Itís random. If youíre at the right machine at the right time, youíll hit the jackpot that was meant for you.

As far as how to win at slots goes, thereís nothing to do with how long youíve been playing as you will see. Since thereís no big secret or system for me to tell you about, Iíll give you some examples of some big winners, and maybe itíll inspire you to get out there and give it a try. And if you have a story that you think should be included here, be sure to and Iíll do my best to put it with the rest of them.

The first story Iíll tell you about happened at Harrah's in Atlantic City; Rose Riskus was playing a progressive slot machine for about three minutes when she lined up the three symbols that won her $1,033,611!! Itís not that she had a secret about how to win at slots; she was just really lucky!

Another time, at the Sands in Atlantic City, Don Mullen lasted for three days of hard slot machine playing to win the $500,000 grand prize in the Sands Survivor II slots tournament. He was playing against nearly 500 other competitors that day, and his luck shone through.

And then there was that time at Casino Hollywood when Jimmy Rector was passing through San Felipe and decided to make a stop at the casino. By the time heíd pumped in $60 on a progressive Wheel of Fortune machine, lady luck smiled at him he won a jackpot of $1,551,831!! Now thatís how to win at slots!!!

As for other stories, theyíre all over the Ďnet and you can find them for yourself. Itís easy. Everyoneís got a story to tell, and slots winners are no exception! The Guruís never hit one of those really big jackpots, but Iíve had my share of modest wins in the casinos and online. I hope Iíve inspired you to get out there and shake hands with the One-armed Bandit. Maybe youíll end up on this page when I tell about your big win! Have fun!


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