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Welcome to George the Slots-Guru’s page about online slots. I know you’re ready for some serious learning because I can see it in your eyes. It’s a hunger for knowledge that can’t be disguised. I’m here to feed you full of online slots information, and I know you’ll be satisfied when you leave. Sit down and take a load off your feet. The Slots-Guru is about to begin…

Now if you’ve been around for a while like me and you’ve played a lot of slots at casinos, the whole online slots revolution might be a bit of a surprise. Slots have been around for over 100 years in casinos, but online for only about 10 years! Since the beginnings of the internet, in the 1990’s there have always been games to play online. The early ones were pretty primitive, but they’ve evolved into some really realistic looking and sounding games. Nowadays, online slots are a pretty common sight on the ‘net. All you have to do to find them is to type Online Slots into any of the popular search engines and away you go!

But way back when, before the internet was even someone’s dream, you could purchase or download software that made it possible to play slots right on your computer. The online slots that we know and love today are direct descendants of those original games. When the internet came around and people figured out how to make it possible to pay for things online, and to be able play pretty well any game you wanted, that’s when it really took off. No longer did the average Joe have to download or buy the slot machine software to play at home. He could just get on the web and find any number of online slots games that were out there. Some of them are even free, requiring no payment of any kind! Mind you, online slots are just not as much fun if there’s no possibility of winning any real money. In order to get the real thrill you have to go to a casino, where there are rows an rows of slot machines, and all the noise and excitement that go long with them.

It’s only really been a few short years since the first online casino opened. Well it seems short to me! It was only a decade ago that online slots made its appearance as part of a casino on the internet. And what happened from there can only be termed an explosion of the online casino industry. So now you know why I’m here. There has to be someone who cares enough to teach online gamblers a thing or two about the pitfalls and excitement that’s out there on the ‘net. I hope you’ve learned well from me, and now it’s your turn to have some fun. Now get out there and enjoy yourself!


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